Born and raised in Edmonton, I've been privaledged to witness the growth of Edmonton's food scene.  I love food and writing so I figured combine the two and start a food blog.  I wanted to build a blog to feature the best and worst of Edmonton's food scene.

My goal is to eat my way through this large city and always willing to try anything at least once.  I do look for good value and good taste.  I've been known to be a bit critical, but if you wow me, I'm quite loyal.  Think you got what it takes?

To have a more authentic experience, I will be leaving pictures of myself off this blog and keep my face anonymous.  Should you want me to review your restraunt, cafe, bakery, or anything else food related, please contact me via email in contact me.   I will be willing to go just outside of Edmonton (as long as it is within an hour).

Please keep in mind that all opinions on this blog are my personal opinions and experiences.  I do not write for any commercial media outlet.